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I hope that this is never me, but this is often how I feel about life.  
Here are real life representations of how much I love food!

Cheesecake Factory sushi.

Turkey dinner fixed by my roommate and I, November 2012.  Even Pablo is excited.

Breakfast sandwich in Houston. Olive bread. Weird. Eggs and cheese and potato chips for breakfast. Yes, please and thank you.

Coffee ice cream cone. Occurred after the breakfast sandwich... hours after. I was washing down the all you can eat asian buffet I'd just enjoyed (sorry, no pic)!

La Madeleine. Caesar salad with some chicken thing. Delicious! I <3 La Madeleine! I will miss it once I leave TX.

Biscuits from Cracker Barrel. There is really nothing to say here. Except that we (my roommate and I) brought about 12 home that day to eat later that week.

My mother fixed me this smiley face pancake while I was home for Christmas break. Don't pretend like you're too old to enjoy a good smiley face pancake. He has sausage and strawberries for hair!

I actually received this smoothie for free in Dallas. Some girl didn't want it... Thanks!

I told you... I love food!

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  1. I love food toooo!!! You need to add a Chuy's marg pic here... haha