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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Table for... Five?

Apparently, I don't eat alone that often.

But I tend to exaggerate everything and say things like "I'm always eating alone because I'm just always alone.  It's just what I do, always, all the time, I never ever ever deviate from this norm."  And then for the next 6 days of the week, I have the social life of Obama.


(I wonder how active Obama's social life could possibly be in reality.  I mean, being the "token black guy president dude" probably gets old).


Chuy's is a TexMex restaurant, specializing in fake Mexican food.  Hence, TexMex.  I have to clarify that because I'm from Florida and only since coming to Texas have I learned about true TexMex.

In general, I try to remain in the realm of healthy meals with a "godly" amount of calories in them.  But tonight.... 

I ate a ridiculous amount of white flour tortilla chips

beans, ground beef, queso, salsa, and jalapeno ranch dip 
(I unfortunately did not get to eat Paige's hand; it probably tastes like flute)

Aaaannndddd I drank two purple margaritas.
My purple, prickly, pomegranate, pear, pretty, parcel of alcohol is on the left. 
Paige drank a mango swirl margarita (back), and John had a strawberry margarita.

One of the best parts of the meal was the free guacamole (devoured and thus not pictured), sour cream, cheese, tortillas, and salsa given to us by Catharine, who is watching her weight (she's smarter than we were tonight)!  And I cannot fail to mention that we were also joined by the lovely Alison!  Although nothing she ate or drank is pictured here. Not sure if that makes me a bad photographer or a bad blogger. Or just bad.  Or just dumb.  Or lazy?  Insensitive to my surroundings... ?

Look food!  

Laughs were had and memories made... the absolute best part of the night!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Table for Four

Ok. Like I keep saying, I eat alone a lot.  But sometimes, I have the awesome privilege of eating with friends that I love!

My roommate Deborah and I have a tradition called "family dinners" with her boyfriend Matt and our friend John.  It's a long standing, integral component of the Deborah/Darbi roommate curriculum.

Not really; this is only our second week.

But it's really fun!

The point is that we make dinner and eat it at the table, like a family.  It all started one day last week when someone suggested the four of us eat dinner together the following night.  Don't assume it was me just because I love to eat.  Although, it's safe to assume that it was me because I'm always thinking of food.

So, Matt piped up, "I have frozen lasagna!"  And Deborah was all, "Oooooh I can roast vegetables!"  And I said, "John... you can make cookies!!"  

That's riiiiight...  I came up with the cookie idea!!!


Here was the start of the night:

Yes, matching outfits. 100% planned.  That's roomie love, yo.
(I just wanted an excuse to post a cute picture of my roomie and I.  Sorry, but I'm 100% not sorry.)

So the menu:

Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng (magically delicious)
Chicken, cream of mushroom soup, and potatoes in the crock pot (no name. original creation by Deb!)
Brown rice (keepin' it healthy, dawg)
Frozen corn, zucchini, and broccoli roasted in the oven with varied spices (Italian herb seasoning, garlic salt, olive oil spray, crushed red pepper, and black pepper) prepared by me!

My plate!
(Look how pretty the actually plate is.  I unashamedly stole these from my mother). 

I realize this looks slimy.  Probably because the potatoes cooked all the way down and turned into starch. BUT. It. Was. So. Good!!

And yes, all was happily washed down by oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I think I ate 2.  I'm absolutely lying.  

I ate 6!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coffee for One

I will post twice today because I have a fun food story for you.

Did you know that Starbucks has a size even smaller than tall? It's called a short.

I don't necessarily love Starbucks coffee. Sorry but I'm not sorry.

I prefer Trader Joe's French or Bali Blue Moon roasts or even the Einstein Brother's roasts. But, alas, Starbucks is closest to the music building (a.k.a. my second home on campus).

I was jonesin' for some coffee this afternoon so I headed over to the library, where Starbucks is located.

Hmm... "I thought to myself. I really want coffee but I also need water. But the Ethos water at Starbucks is expensive, albeit being delicious and having a rather thick bottle that I can refill a few times." -inner monologue
 (Yeah, yeah, yeah I know that's supposedly bad for you, to refill plastic water bottles. Whatever. I'll do it anyways.) -inner monologue within the inner monologue

"I wonder if I can get one of those tiny cups that Pablo had the other day but... for coffee... the ones for double espressos...."

Barista: "Hi what can I get for you?"

Inner Monologue - Re: the Barista
Woah... her eye is really red. I wonder if she's sick. Thank goodness she's not making the drin-

Me: "Hi... um... just um this. Water. And uhh can... ::clear throat:: can I uhh get have a size smaller than tall, right?"

(i got the water!)

Barista: "We have the short size."

Inner Monologue - Re: the Barista's tone
I wonder if her tone has to be short because she's telling me about the short. Man these people can be so rud-

Me: "Oh um yeah cool. Can I uhmmm uh get that in a coffee? Like... just like a Pike?"

Barista: "Yeah!"

Inner Monologue - Re: the Barista's pep
Oh maybe she isn't rude. She seems sad. Maybe she's like older and sad because she maybe has kids but wor-

Me: "Ok, that'd be great. Yeah thanks. How much is it?"

And that was how I ordered a short coffee at Starbucks. I enjoyed it toute seule ("all alone" for you non-French speakers) whilst sitting next to a sunny window in the library.

Happy Birthday, Darbs

::Sung to the tune of 'Happy Birthday to you'::

"Happy Birthday to me!
It's not really my birthday!
But I did start a bloooooggg!
Happy Birthday to me!"

Sorry... I spit on the cake!

Well... I did it. I started a blog. My friend Paige has been trying to get me to do this for a few months now and I refused. But, as with most things that people try to get me to do because they know/believe that it will be good for me, know/believe that I will be successful at it and I refuse/refute, then I do it because I analyzed it to death for days/weeks/months on end, I caved (gladly)! Count on me often writing in run on sentences.

Thanks Paige!

So, this blog is about food and my life; interchangeable entities. My life is food, food is my life. I just really like to eat. And I eat alone, a lot. Don't worry... I'm not sad or depressed. I'm just 24 and single with a busy life! I actually don't know many single 24 year-olds, but it's a fun life. Though that be true, sometimes cooking for one is hard! BUT (sorry... didn't mean to yell), once you figure it out, IT'S FUN! And delicious! That time I was yelling because I'm thrilled.

Trust me, I've been doing this for 6 years now.

I'll talk about other things, too. Like, maybe the coffee I had or the snack I munched or how I made a certain meal. Sometimes I check a recipe on Pinterest, sometimes I make it up on the spot. I'll let you know!