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Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Blog Home

Hi all!

Hopefully, you've been enjoying my blog!

Change is good and there are some things I wish I could change about blogger!  But I can't.

So, I'm moving to

Check out my new page at

There, you can subscribe by email (yes, actually) and see my new posts!

Thanks for reading and keep eating!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Health Camp

As you can see on the right side of this blog... I love nature!

It's super pretty and makes me feel all inspired and happy and such.

And I especially love nature on a beautiful day... just like almost everyone else in this entire universe.  Except my mother who doesn't like the outdoors.  Still love her!

My friend Sami the Pianist and I went on a nature exercise hike/trail in Cameron Park in good ol' Waco.  I've been just dyiiingggg to go to Cameron Park since I got here but I don't feel safe going on nature hikes alone.  Any old crazy could be out there!  So, finalllyyyy after living here for almost 2 years, I decided it was time!

I called (texted) Sami the Pianist up and we set up a date!

We hiked the beginner trail and it felt great!  But, of course, as with any exercise, we were sooo hungry afterwards!  Well... in my case, it wasn't because I exercised, I'm just generally hungry.

Sami the Pianist said, "Man... I really want a hamburger..."
Me (being... me...), "Oh my gawd that sounds amazing.  Let's go to Health Camp."
Sami the Pianist: "Hm!! OK!"

I'd never been to this Health Camp but it's a popular burger place in Waco.  And yes, it's a joke.  Some undergrad made that very clear to me during my first months here at Baylor.  (Seriously, it's not my fault that I thought this place was a "healthy" burger place when I first saw it.  It's called Health Camp!).

As you can imagine their specialities are burgers, fries, and milkshakes.  I ordered a #3... a burger... fries... and a milkshake! 


(Tasty flavor)


And a milkshake!

If you're in Waco, you should definitely try this place.  Very tasty!

Happy eating, all!