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Friday, March 29, 2013

Treats and snacks and stuff on my stuff.

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Moving on... 

I like treats, and snacks, and stuff on my stuff. And stuff in my stuff.

What I mean is like I flavors.

But I don't, absolutely do not like weird and complex flavors. I don't like weird stuff or interesting stuff.

I like a ton of milder, more "plain" flavors all tied in together and mixed up.

I like salt. I like garlic. I like sugar. I like butter.

I'm a simple girl who likes homey "American" stuff at extremes.

So this week I conjured up 2 different simple treats that I'd like to share with you.

I've briefly wrote before about my love for plantation mint tea.  I love that stuff.  It reminds me of my grandma because she used to drink it with milk and it's plain delicious.

At the beginning of the week I had the inklings of a sore throat and I told myself noooooooooo WAY am I getting sick! So I fixed some mint tea with a twist. Everyone knows the old tea, lemon, and honey trick which I did drink first. But, I've got this big box of tangerines just sitting here so... I thought.... Hmmm I bet it'd taste just as good to squeeze a fresh tangerine in my tea. Vitamin C plus yumminess = yay health!

While the water boiled for the tea, I peeled a tangerine, and broke off about 2-3 pieces at a time and squeezed! Things always taste better when you use your hands.

I most assuredly ate the squeezed portion.  Yum... I love tangerines!

I had the tea bag in the cup while I squeezed. I thought about whether it mattered or not for 30 seconds then decided it didn't.

Tangerine Mint tea:

Always use your favorite cup!

I also went for a run this morning ("hahaha," laughed the slightly overweight completely non athletic girl...) and fixed myself an interesting breakfast. I had an apple and I was craving peanut butter so, I sliced up an apple and put peanut butter on it!

But my brain went to the heavens for 5 seconds and I thought... "Cinnamon?"
If you don't like cinnamon, you're crazy cause that stuff tastes like home and Christmas.

I first tried a small piece of apple with cinnamon sugar. Too sweet and just too much going on. Then I tried a little plain cinnamon instead and yum! Plus, cinnamon is good for you so, that's great.

Tasty treat and breakfast!

I ate that with a hard boiled egg that I fixed up with sea salt and black pepper.

I also want to tell you about grapeseed oil.  This stuff was on sale at HEB last week for $5, originally about $10, so I had to buy it.  Because, not only is it grapeseed oil, it's skin care oil.  And my skin mostly sucks so I'll try anything, especially something that's natural.
Each day this week, I've been washing my face with Trader Joe's face wash and a squirt of this oil; only once a day during my morning shower.  My skin has already improved!  The oil helps it to feel more moisturized (whereas it normally feels too dry) and is evening out my skin tone a bit.  If you come across this stuff, especially on sale, buy it!  I'd even buy it at full price.

That is all.

Go forth and be healthy!

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